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Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers Remake Reviewed

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Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers 20th Anniversary Edition is a remake of the classic that came out in the 1990's. The game follows the story of Gabriel Knight, who is a book writer that is researching voodoo for a new book. The remake features updated graphics, additional content, and several changes to some of the puzzles. It features a lot of things; however, how does it hold up?

The first thing I noticed was the retro feel to the game. It felt like a game of yesterday, which is natural for a remake. The updated graphics even felt retro - albeit not archaic. This adds to the appeal of the remake for me - I love retro gaming. The art style really suits the storyline and adds to the mystique of traveling around researching voodoo murders.

Now to the story - what can I say? This is the strongest part of the game to me. The story is far better than I expected and really pulls the player into the mindset of an investigator. Gabriel Knight is no ordinary investigator though. He has no official ranking on any police force. This is what makes investigating more fun - you have to really dig into things with different strategies since there is no badge allowing access unless Knight steals one! But he wouldn't do that - would he?

So while the story has lots of turns and twists - how is the audio? The soundtrack for Sins of the Fathers is really eerie sounding and provides a great atmosphere for any mystery game. It is both spooky and enticing at just the right moments. The soundtrack is really rejuvenating at times. I never felt as if the soundtrack took away from the game, which is not the same thing I can say for other games.

Now on to the special content - it becomes unlocked throughout various stages of the game. It features original artwork created back in 1993 as well as other tidbits such as interviews. The graphic novel is a fun read and has been updated since my preview to include a spoiler alert, which I asked game creator Jane Jensen about in our exclusive interview. Another thing that proves useful is the hint system, which I had to use at times.


The Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers remake features a plethora of content for mystery enthusiasts and point-and-click adventurers alike, but do not expect any intense battles or other action such as from Swordsman. That is not what this type of game is about - it is all about story and solving the puzzles at hand. Sins of the Fathers really provides a great story and atmosphere for experiencing it. All of the additions to the remake provide veterans of the old a new insight into the games development. I would highly recommend this game to those interested in the genre!

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