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Swordsman Review

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Swordsman is a martial arts MMORPG based on the book by Chinese novelist Louis Cha. The game takes players through a world full of tragedy and despair as a lone Swordsman travels throughout trying to stop a rogue martial arts school known as Eminence School. The game brings forth a very enjoyable experience for fans of the genre and has a plethora of features; however, does the games online atmosphere ruin the fun?


The story of the game is very in-depth. It seems to be linear; however, that does not subtract from the joy of learning what comes next. I find myself wanting to keep playing for hours just because the story is so engaging that I long for what comes next. While the story of Swordsman is great – that is not what the game is all about. It features an extensive combat system.

Swordsman Review


The combat is really fun and engaging – the player can unlock a plethora of moves with each set being different depending on what martial arts school was picked in the beginning. I picked Five Venoms School. The primary weapon of this school is the whip and it is a female only class. Five Venoms are able to heal other party members while other classes are unable to do so.

Just like other MMORPGs – the player has access to potions and such to heal in case a Five Venoms is not present to do the healing. The combat system features move sets that the player can pick from – each move has a cool down timer the player must wait to use the move again. Different moves can cause different effects to the enemies that might immobilize them or something else.

You can setup a key – E by default – that will perform a series of actions determined by the player that will allow for easy access if a horde of foes should prove overpowering. This was great as a Five Venoms since I could set it up to heal me after doing certain moves that would leave my character vulnerable. The action is quite fast paced so be sure to pay attention or else you may find yourself being defeated or constantly being knocked down.


The graphics of Swordsman are good. The characters are crisp and the designs are nice. The game runs very smoothly – even on my mid-lower end laptop, which is nice since people will not have to buy beefy machines just to play it. That really ups the playability because players might not always have access to the latest technology. You can configure the graphics to any level from low up to max just like any other computer game.

Swordsman Review


Swordsman is a game built for PvP; however, this is not for everyone. Players are able to have friendly matches that do not cause any loss of items. Players are also able to attack other players when not in a safe zone – such as a city. While in unsafe zone – such as the outskirts of cities – you can be constantly killed by player killers (PKer for short). This is far from ideal when one is only trying to do story quests and does not want to be constantly interrupted by others who just want to repeatedly kill them.

There is an Arena players can access in order to battle others – I would say this is the preferred method for me as I do not care to be killed time and time again while doing quests. Not having an option to turn off PvP creates an atmosphere that is not welcoming to those used to having designated zones for such actions. During Closed Beta – this become a big problem and even guilds were formed just to kill those that would hinder other from doing quests by killing them.

All of the player killing does not come without a cost as a bounty will eventually be set on the heads of those who player kill too often with a certain time period. This might help to keep instances of these from happening but it does not appear that way right now. The overall PvP system is extensive and creates a lot of challenge for those looking to battle other players; however, it hinders those just trying to experience the story.

Items, Crafting, and Refinement

The game features systems similar to other MMORPGs. Players are able to craft new items and what you are able to create changes depending on the skill level. I have not extensively tested crafting yet; however, refinement is something that unique for me. Players can level up gear and weapons by combining them with other gear and weapons. There are also other items that are designed solely for the purpose of giving experience. These help you to level up weapons and gear much quicker than simply combining gear.

There are several other ways to power up weapons such as placing stones into sockets that will add attributes. The systems in place to empower your gear are extensive and create for a way to free up inventory slots so players do not have to purchase more slots; however, they can do so if they desire. The amount of items, gear, and potions is so extensive that it will take some time to find them all and even if you do – the same pieces of gear do not always have the same attributes. They can have different attributes from one another, which adds to the exploration to find the best variations.

Swordsman Review

Quests, Instances, and Events

As usual in the MMORPG space – Swordsman comes with a plethora of quests for the player to do. Get lost easily? No problems – Swordsman has a built-in guide for each quest that makes it impossible to get lost. The game also introduces Instances that become unlocked at certain levels. They allow you to take on a new challenge to earn new gear and get a lot of experience points. The game also has Events that one can join in to conquer new foes or traverse a short side story. Swordsman does quests and the like in a way that is both enjoyable and not impossible to figure out.


  • Lots of quests and features
  • Easy to control and fun combat system
  • In-depth refinement of items
  • Great story


  • PvP allows for a lot of player killing in most areas making questing harder
  • Tons of RMT (real money traders) spamming both chat and mail


Swordsman is a great game that is enjoyable for the casual player as well as the hardcore. You are able to level up frequently until around level 35 and up adding a bit of challenge that might have been lacking initially. The combat system is fluent and creates a fun atmosphere; however, the rouge player killings create for a lot of frustration when doing quests past level 30. The game is really good overall with the only downside for me being the rogue player killers. This is a game I would recommend!

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