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Divinity: Original Sin Review

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Divinity: Original Sin is a marvelous game from the start for those who love cRPGs. Larian Studios first showed me this game way back in 2012 during a developer presentation at E3 2012. I was instantly hooked and have looked forward to all Larian releases since such as Divinity Anthology. Much like previous games in the Divinity realm - Original Sin features an in-depth story, quests, and tons of items but does it live up to all the hype I got from it at E3 2012?


What is there to say about Original Sins story? It is very fascinating and in-depth. There is something new to found around every corner and it is not too scripted thus making each play through of the game unique in ways. One example being a burning ship near the start of the game where the NPCs want you to help extinguish the fire; however, if you take too long - the ship will burn all the way up and they will have to find something else as an occupation.

If you help them - the ship survives. This was one of the first glimpse of the openness of Original Sins story. Everything you do has an effect on the next part of the game. This creates a dynamic atmosphere that ultimately changes the way that the game feels - it makes the player actually feel as if they play a vital role in what happens to each of the characters and NPCs of the game.


The combat system in Original Sin is a throwback to the origins of the genre. The combat is turn based; however, the player can break down their party in ways that allow for a healer to be outside of combat but still able to heal those stuck by the turn system due to combat. This allows for progressing through the game much faster since it is very easy to be defeated during battles caused by only a few mistakes.

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The combat system is very in-depth. It allows one to poison areas of the map that when a foe enters that area - they become poisoned or if they are of a certain type, they get healed; however, that is not the only thing the poison is good for. The player can - after poisoning an enemy - ignite the poison and cause an explosion plus burn the same and all other foes in the poison.

Other elemental combinations are also possible and allows for many different strategies throughout the entirety of a battle. You may electrify water in order to stun an opponent but happen to stun one of your own due to the electricity flowing throw something out of the ordinary and into your characters. Stuff like this creates a very dynamic combat system that allows for a player to replay the same battle but with much different outcomes.


The graphics of the game are very simple albeit detailed at the same time. The water shines really well and the character models are crisp. There are very few problems with frame rate but that is all objectionable due to different hardware potentially being able to run the game more fluently than another piece of hardware.

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I really enjoyed the art style and feel like it sets the mood for the game - one set in a fantasy world with medieval influences. The game is not overly cartoonish or realistic as it brings together a unity between both that creates for a unique feel much like other Divinity games. Let just agree that the game looks great and is by no means any reason to pass on it.


There are lots of items in Original Sin. You have the usual items such as potions and one also has access to other items such a scrolls that let the player cast a spell. Certain items can be crafted into better items or ones of higher value. There are lots of items that can be crafted. The player also has access to not so good items such a rotten meat that can poison the characters. I really enjoy this free system and it adds a good level of realism to the game.

Items are also able to be broken if they are not properly kept up. Once broken - the player will have to either repair it or replace it all together. This is a good way to coerce players into making an attempt to fully utilize everything the item and crafting system has to offer. The broken items can be of little value but upon being repaired - can be sold for a much higher value and allow the player to obtain some of the funds needed for that next gear upgrade.


There are tons and tons of quests in Divinity: Original Sin and often times a quest becomes interconnected with other quests so cannot be completed in order. This creates for a great system for players as they are able to more thoroughly explore the map and experience the deepness of the story. The quests are not always straight forward but all of them can be completed in different manners depending on what the player chooses.

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Each choice can change the rest of the game in certain ways - this is a great way to provide a sense of being for the characters. This system allows for players to really feel like they make an impact on the game and become more emotionally connected by doing so. The quests and story alike are really a major plus for Divinity: Original Sin and will be a great incentive for fans of such a system that may not have otherwise played the game.


  • Good graphics
  • In-depth non-linear story
  • Tons of quests and side objectives
  • Great combat system
  • Soundtrack fits the mood of the game
  • Co Op is really fun and unique


  • Touchy controls every once and a while; however, this may change with a future patch


Divinity: Original Sin is a stunning game that just might be one of the best RPGs I have played. The game features a great story and a very fun combat system. The graphics are good and the soundtrack will have the player immersed into the game by creating an addictive atmosphere. Original Sin is on a level that not many other RPGs reach. It is a fantastic game and one that I would highly recommend to all fans of the genre - you will not want to miss this game!

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